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This is the on going record of my adventures travelling across the US to Jerome, Arizona, and my 2 month stay down there! A pilgrimage of sorts into revisiting and expanding my creativity! Why Jerome? In 2006 Rae and I came across Jerome by accident in the night driving on a crazy 158 S curve road over Mingus mountain to get to Sedona; went back to check it out the next day to explore it and I started crying standing in an art gallery there because I felt "at home".

Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10; Verde Canyon Train Ride

; Took the 9am Verde Train this morning;
  • bought a coach ticket ..didn't even use it because I was on the observation car outside under a canopy the whole time taking in the HUGE gorgeous vistas of the changing scenary of the canyon and surrounding area
  • 1st we drove through the slag heap from the old Copper mine when they processed the copper HUGE- rusting & falling apart iron wall fencing that held it in..this train was built to transport all the copper from that mine in Jerome
  • then on we drove along the Verde River to more inspiring sites: ranches & rock caves, home of the indigenous peoples, a bald eagle flying over us and then the eagle's nest; a trestle bridge- over the joining of 3 different river canyons
  • gradually we drove further down into the huge deep floor of the canyon - river running beside the train..occasional cow drinking from river..interesting geological rock formations from volcanic eruption & earth movements, and then...
  • my camera's lens got stuck 1/2 way through the trip-darn!
  • the deserted Perkinsville Ranch & the blown up water tower from the movie shoot, 'How the West was Won' was the end of the line.
  • AND if you are interested here is the link to the story about how the Perkins Family started the ranch that was the start of this 'Train station':
  • as the train was leaving the station there was this wash line with 4 pairs of jeans hanging in the Arizona sunshine - so cute.. so manly...must have belong to the brakeman...and no camera! So I drew it of course :-)
  • 2 little girls, Elliana and Natalie, were interested in what I was drawing so I shared my paper, watercolor crayons & pencils and we had fun creating art together; the parents were so appreciative; one bought me an icecream sandwich and another brought me a bottle of water.
  • Octoberfest was taking place at the station when the train returned so of course I joined in the celebrations; I couldn't be in Kitchener with the Haertel gang at Oktoberfest; so I was with them in spirit; eating a bratwurst & saurkraut with a live band.
  • The day ended updating my blog at the Safeway in Cottonwood ( Village below Jerome)..except there was no plug for my computer at their Starbucks cafe my laptop died I moved to the Electronic scooter parking lot & used their socket..sitting on a scooter- hah! The manager walked by.." I guess we better install some sockets in the Starbucks area!"
  • took a cooked turkey thigh home with me for my own little Thanksgiving dinner!

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